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Installing the appropriate drawer knobs allows you to quickly and simply refresh the style and enhance the look of your furniture. Drawer knobs are available in a variety of finishes, colours, and designs, ensuring that they will go with any décor and setting.

The essential thing, no matter what your décor preferences are, is to keep the hardware consistent with the rest of your design and finishes. All drawer hardware, particularly locks, door knobs, finger pulls, and levers, are subject to this treatment.

A person's home's drawer is arguably the most crucial feature. It is unavoidable that when planning the home decor, the drawers be meticulously prepared to achieve a perfect look. It is critical to make use of the correct drawer knobs and door locks to provide security as well as a pleasing look. One of the most troublesome parts about changing the looks of a room, or even just a single door, is replacing the drawer knobs.

One of the most difficult aspects of remodelling a room, or even just a single door, is replacing the drawer knobs. When considering the purchase of a fully new drawer, you must replace drawer knobs to modernize the overall design of the door.

Due to their regular usage and handling, interior and exterior drawer knobs and hardware may take a hit. Choosing a drawer knob with a decent finish and made of high-quality materials is critical for extending the life of the hardware. If the drawer kob is of high quality, the look will, without a doubt, survive for years. There are different types of drawer knobs that you can select from –

  • Glass Door Knobs – These knobs are made of glass or crystal, and the drawer knob's neck is made of sturdy metal. Glass drawer knobs should be used in your living room or dining room cupboards and drawers. The extreme richness is intended to show off the sophisticated taste of the homeowners.
  • Antique Door Knobs - These types of high-quality drawer knobs are mostly made of copper or copper alloys, and their designs are quite detailed. You can also refer to them as antique drawer knobs. Such knobs can be used on furniture in the living room, study area, or dining room. It's to show off your excess once more.
  • Kids Drawer Knobs - These are a popular choice for drawer knobs. Kids' rooms are garnering special attention now. With so many possibilities for kids' furniture, beds, wall colours, and furnishings, drawer knobs are no exception. Drawer knobs come in a variety of vibrant colours and styles, ranging from cartoon figure forms to fruits and vegetables.

At The Crushed Crystal, we offer top-quality drawer knobs which look stylish and would last you for decades.

Different Types of Drawer Knobs

At The Crushed Crystal, we offer crystal door knobs that can completely change the look of your home. Here are some of our top products –

  • Sky blue Geode Rock Crystal Knob - With these magnificent cabinet knobs, your cabinets will have a completely different look. A natural-coloured Ocean blue Geode Quartz is split in half to reveal its dazzling crystal center in this magnificent Sky-blue Geode Rock Crystal Knob. The Geode's exterior is gilded gold-edged for a high-shine appearance.
  • Aqua green Geode Rock Crystal Knob - Decorate your dressing table drawers or add a stunning touch of shine to your baby's bedroom with this Aqua green Geode Rock Crystal Knob. These also make for an ideal housewarming present. These handles have a gorgeous and distinctive gleam to them in the light. Most furnishings, such as vanities, bedroom cabinets, and drawers, are suitable for this beautiful Aqua green Geode Rock Crystal Knob.
  • Deep Pink Geode Rock Crystal Knob - Since amethyst drawer knobs are crafted from natural stone, each one will be different in size and shape, with no two being the same. They're so lovely; they almost appear like gems!
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