5 Genius Ways To Decorate Your Dream Home With Crystals

Using crystals to decorate your home space is an incredibly popular design choice. Some people even strongly believe in the healing qualities of crystals, but regardless of your views on the more mystical properties crystals may or may not have, it is hard to deny the natural beauty they behold. Crystals are visually appealing, can catch the light in interesting ways, and bring an opulent touch to your home décor. Crystals come in  various colours, shapes and sizes,  giving you a wide choice to choose the right ones to match your current interior design theme. In this article, we will outline five ways you can decorate your dream home using different crystals. Let’s take a look.

Raw Crystal Clusters:

A perfectly symmetrical exterior to your home can make your space look incredibly impressive, especially with modern decorative features such as composite cladding. However, in your interior space, a break from symmetry with more randomly arranged crystal clusters can help to give your room more of a personality. You can arrange your favourite crystals in a random order on top of any surface in your space. Adding a scented candle at the centre of your crystals, or another natural element like a selection of dried flowers, can help to enhance a rustic look to your setting. Whether you choose Pyrite, Celestite, Amethyst, Aquamarine or any other type of crystals, with careful planning, you can find an arrangement to suit your theme.

Bring in Some Light:

Lighting is an incredibly important factor for the design and layout of a room, and crystal lamps are a fantastic way to bring in an interesting lighting theme to your space. Himalayan crystals are most commonly used for crystal lamps. Crystal lamps not only light up your room, but can also purify the air, and are highly recommended for asthmatics.

Sun Catchers and Wind Chimes:

Hanging decorations play a significant part in elevating the ambience of your home decor. For example, wind chimes can sound incredibly peaceful when the wind sweeps past them, and can create a gentle pleasing melody that gives your space a soft, subtle ambience. Adding crystals in the form of hanging decorations such as wind chimes or sun catchers can make these accessories a true visual treat as well as an auditory one. Hanging crystals near windows, balconies or doorways leading to any other outdoor space will allow light to be refracted around the room, iImbuing a sense of wonder and harmony.

Crystal Carvings:

If you want to add crystals to a coffee table or any other side furniture, you can opt for crystal carvings. The miniature, pure crystal additions can help to highlight and enhance even very ordinary accessories. With many different designs to choose from, you can transform even the most rudimentary objects in your house into artistic masterpieces.

Use Crystals in Detailing:

Crystals do not have to go big to shine and grab attention. Using them for more subtle detailing in your home décor can still make a notable impression. For example, you can replace an old doorknob with a crystal one, or you can glue small, symmetrical crystal pieces around the frame of a mirror. From desk clocks to coasters, the design options are endless when using crystals to embellish your home.

To conclude, crystals are undoubtedly a beautiful material, and can transform the interior of your space if used effectively. The variety of colours, patterns, shapes and sizes available means you can easily implement crystals into any interior design theme. We hope this article has given you a clearer idea as to how to decorate your dream home using crystals. Thank you for reading!

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